Man and Atom

To stop there would be to accept helplessly the probability of civilization destroyed, the annihilation of the irreplaceable heritage of mankind handed down to us from generation to generation, and the condemnation of mankind to begin all over again the age-old struggle upward from savagery towards decency, and right, and justice. Surely no sane member of the human race could discover victory in such desolation.

It is not enough to take this weapon out of the hands of the soldiers. It must be put into the hands of those who will know how to strip its military casing and adapt it to the arts of peace.

Mr Dwight D Eisenhower, 470th plenary meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, 8 December 1953

Man is, above all, the animal who creates his own environment.
Beavers have their dams, and rabbits their warrens, but they could not begin to envision the Grand Coulee or the London Underground.